my life in short

My name is Stefan, born at 26th of january as an aquarius. Since I started this year to transform my lifestyle in a more conscious one, I wanted to tell everyone how great it is and flood the people with so much information and instructions on how to do this - but most of them blocked it...

Then someone told me it's like that: Your knowdledge is like a candle and you have to finde other people with a candle to enlighten it and don't burn the people. So I came to the idea of the Age of Aquarius - a space where everyone who is seeking for an answer, can find an answer.


How am I doing this? With the use of my greatest talent - my imagination - in combination with my filmmaking skills and a mindset like peter pan: never stop dreaming, imagine, doing and living it.My Filmmakers-Background: I am a selfemployed filmmaker for over four years and for even longer I am working in the filmbusiness. Back in the days I got an exam in mediadesign. In all that time I learned a lot about filmmaking itself and the work with clients - but now it's time to create and realize my own vision.

director | camera | postproduction | 2015-2017

„There are painters who transform the sun

into a yellow spot, but there are others

who with the help of their art and their intelligence,

transform a yellow spot into sun“

Pablo Picasso

Thanks for being interested in what I do. It would be great to get some feedback from you about my work!

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