Film as a medium for sustainible globalisation

my goals

My definition of succes in filmmaking is all about being independent. Being independent of the filmindustry. Being independent of clients. Being independent of money-making-decisions and everything from outside and be just what is inside me - a human who wants to create a better world.
Having a crowd who loves my creative work as a filmmaking artist is one of my lifegoals, because these people will be the reason I can do everything I love. And this is the reason why I do this - to reflect this attitude to your life. To give something back with my skill to make movies - to create something you love!

"It’s about the use of filmmaking

in it’s true meaning - telling storys,

educate and change peoples mind.

In a good way!" - S.B.

my vision

A place where I can fulfill all my values and dreams and share them with likeminded people in form of films and change the world with what I love. Films about the world. Films about people like you and me, with a culture like nowhere else on this planet in a country you never thought it might be that beautiful.


I built up a patreon site where you can support me and my vision, not just to share my work with you, but rather to create a possibility to spread the word and love of all people arround the globe with you and everyone else. For me this is sustainable globalisation. For better

consciousness arround the world.