Film as a medium for sustainible globalisation

trailer for my current documentary project about guatemala

guatemala - a jungle full of happiness

In january 2018 I shot a report about my adventures while discovering the country, people and culture of Guatemala. Enlighten about the prejudices of the western world against the violence and financial poverty - but even more to show the gratitude of these lovingly people.

My goal is to educate the beautiful truth about guatemala and all the love it has to offer in form of people, culture and nature - but also about the true problems of this country.

"Realizing a project that extensive on my own is an incredible lifeexperience. It is more than just traveling and filming. Not only that you get to know a massive amount of new people and culture,
you always get a step closer to yourself."

Thanks for being interested in what I do. It would be greatĀ to get some feedback from you about my work!

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