my life in short

If photography or filmmaking - both creates a feeling which makes me living and dreaming at the same time.
At twelve I started to shoot with an old Minolta 35mm slr camera and six years later I began to shoot digital photography and video. I was a little rebel at school and left it after 11th class to do a succesful mediadesign training in berlin. Then after a year of intership I did a two year employment as a cameraoperator and editor in berlin. After they quit me in 2014 I knew it was the beginning of my own path.


And here I am. Selfemployed since 4 years and working for lots of different clients from big business to private jobs. Arrived in 2018 I'm ready to translate my own vision as a filmmaker into action and bear responsibility as a human being on this planet.

„There are painters who transform the sun

into a yellow spot, but there are others

who with the help of their art and their intelligence,

transform a yellow spot into sun“

Pablo Picasso