my current project

This year I'll drop my first full documentary movie into at least one local cinema. It will be a report about my adventures while discovering the country, people and culture of Guatemala. Enlighten about the prejudices of the western world against the violence and financial poverty. With a deep look into my feelings and experiences on my journey as a subjective impression, there are on the other hand the true thoughts of original guatemalan people with their unbelievably loving kind, cultural aspects and unattainable life goals as an objective opposite.

"Realizing a project that extensive on my own is an incredible lifeexperience. It is more than just traveling and filming. Not only that you get to know a massive amount of new people and culture, you always get a step closer to yourself."

some of my analog photographs from guatemala - Canon EOS 50E /  Kodak Tri-X 400

I will publish the final movie on my videoplatforms YouTube and Patreon in german, english and spanish language. Also I will submit it to filmfestivals and nail a screeningdate in indy-cinemas and other facilitys for screening the film and making events like lectures to publish it in every possible way. My goal is to educate the truth about guatemala and all the love it has to offer in form of people, culture and nature but also about the true problems of this country.

On my Patreon side will arise a platform of behind-the-scenes material also as some special videos only for my patrons. So make shure you get on the list.

me shooting for the guatemala documentary in santa catarina palopó
me shooting for the guatemala documentary in santa catarina palopó